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Computer Assistance
MiniCalc Help
Is this the
smallest useful
web page of all?
from here.
MaxiCalc Help/Download MiniCalc with bells and whistles.
Run MaxiCalc from

WindList is a simple utility that lists all the windows. (It can be surprising how many there are.)
Many uses.

XBatch executes lists of commands from an XML file. The XML files can be generated by hand or via HTML/JavaScript, and there is code for creating application installation files.

XFile is an invisible ActiveX control that allows JavaScript code in HTML pages to perform disc I/O and do several related actions.

All the software on this page is free.
Source code and documentation is provided,
and there are no ads, nags, or limitations.
Please let us know if you have any comments,
suggestions, problems, bug reports, or requests:


Diagrab builds diagrams in HTML code. They can be edited and searched as text files, and are good for Wicki sites.
  Run Diagrab from here.
MapClick quickly creates clickable areas around points in a background image. Make interactive maps, diagrams and photos.
  Run MapClick from here.

C# Course
C# and and its relation to C, C++, JavaScript, and Java. Not a normal C# course.

REVIEWS: iRiver ebook reader; iPod Touch.
HTML and JavaScript Notes.