MiniCalc Guide


Possibly the smallest stand-alone web page that is useful is:

<textarea rows=20 cols=40 ondblclick="A.value=eval(this.value);"></textarea>
<input id="A"> </body></html>

Type some figures such as 12.34 +56.78*3 and double-click in the typing area.
- Try It
Put the figures in columns, it makes no difference (but don't omit the plus signs).
Do not start any numbers with a zero - that would imply the number was octal (base 8 instead of 10).
Add spaces as required (but not within numbers).

It may not look as neat as a calculator, but you can check and alter you workings, or cut and paste them to a file.

Or for something a bit more ambitious, type in (or copy and paste):

- This calculates the Factorial of 20 (20! = 20*19*18...*1).
(The --m bit just subtracts one from m each time.
And n*=m is the same as n = n*m.)
(Put a semicolon after a statement if you want to put more on the same line.)

The web page itself can be saved to a local file by using the browser 'File' and 'Save as' facility,
or by using an editor such as Notepad to save the above text, in a file called, say, MicroCalc.html
To run it, locate the file using Windows Explorer and double click on it,
or locate the file using a browser.

Also see MaxiCalc help