MaxiCalc Guide


MaxiCalc is an advanced calculator for rapidly getting answers to everything from simple arithmetic through algebra and geometry to complex statistics. A large number of built in constants and formulas can be used to solve many arduous problems with just a few mouse clicks.
Everything is explained with on-the-spot help, and for those that are interested, the background and proofs of the formulas are instantly available, and do not assume any prior knowledge.
Entered data remains visible, and can be changed with the new results calculated and displayed continuously.
Ranges of data can be tried swiftly using the mouse, and maxmin testing is done automatically.
Everything is contained within a single HTML file that can be executed over the web, or saved and edited by the user. The format of the file is straightforward, and new formulas and constants can be added easily.

MaxiCalc is an extension of the (very) short HTML page MiniCalc.

There is a simple TextArea, where the user can type whatever calculations come to mind, surrounded by a number of controls to assist in the creation of formulae and their evaluation.

Above and to the left are INPUT elements for directly entering values for three variables x,y and z.
Above this is the Enumerator, for rapidly progressing through values of any one of x,y and z.
Below are 4 small textareas where values or formulae can be entered to define up to 4 more variables A,B,C and D.
Any of these formulae can be copied to the textarea with a double-click of the mouse.
Any of these 7 variable, and the result of the main textarea, can be used in the textarea or in the formulae for A,B,C and D.

Above the main textarea, at the top right, are recorded the maximum and minimum values of the main textarea result, as well as the one that is closest to zero. These can be reset by the user at any time.
They will normally be used in conjunction with the Enumerator to find, say, the roots of an equation.
There are also Auto button which will home in on a root or max/min once the x,y,z values have been set close enough by hand.

At the bottom is a list, under various headings, of common formulae and constants.
These can be executed where they are, or copied to a free a,b,c,d slot with a double-click.

Any of the main areas (except the x,y,z values) can be hidden.
The list of preset formulae can be displayed or hidden by section, by clicking on the heading.

The whole system, and the list of formulae in particular, is intended to be changed or extended by users.
MaxiCalc is a single HTML file, with no subsidury code or image files apart from this help file.
It can be downloaded from , or saved directly from the browser via the File menu, and Save As.