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  BBC 31dec99: BBC Physics
  SpaceTime - Skillshare at : Kornhaber Brown :
    PBS SpaceTime
    PBS SpaceTime - links to 200 episodes
    To 10Aug17: 122 -4 private episodes +18nov16 = 119
    11feb15: What Planet Is Super Mario World?
    18feb15: Is It Irrational to Believe in Aliens?
    25feb18: How Do You Measure the Size of the Universe?
    04mar15: Should We Colonize Venus Instead of Mars?
    11mar15: What Will Destroy Planet Earth?
    18mar15: Can A Starfox Barrel Roll Work In Space?
    25mar15: Cosmic Microwave Background Explained
    01apr15: Is the Moon in Majora’s Mask a Black Hole?
    08apr15: Could You Fart Your Way to the Moon?
    15apr15: Could NASA Start the Zombie Apocalypse?
    22apr15: Are Space and Time An Illusion?
    29apr15: What's the Most Realistic Artificial Gravity in Sci-Fi?
    06may15: Should the First Mars Mission Be All Women?
    13may15: 9 NASA Technologies Shaping YOUR Future
    20may15: The Real Meaning of E=mc²
    27may15: Habitable Exoplanets Debunked!
    03jun15: Is Gravity An Illusion?
    10jun15: Challenge: What Happens to a Helium Balloon in Freefall?
    17jun15: How to Signal Aliens
    24jun15: The Calendar, Australia & White Christmas
    02jul15: Can a Circle Be a Straight Line?
    08jul15: Curvature Demonstrated + Comments
    08jul15: The Leap Second Explained
    15jul15: Can You Trust Your Eyes in Spacetime?
    22jul15: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT + Flat Spacetime Geometry Comments
    29jul15: General Relativity & Curved Spacetime Explained!
    05aug15: What Physics Teachers Get Wrong About Tides!
    12aug15: Challenge: Which Particle Wins This Race?
    19aug15: Do Events Inside Black Holes Happen?
    27aug15: Watch THIS! (New Host + Challenge Winners)
    23sep15: Does Dark Matter BREAK Physics?
    30sep15: What Happens At The Edge Of The Universe?
    07oct15: The Speed of Light is NOT About Light
    15oct15: 5 REAL Possibilities for Interstellar Travel
    22oct15: Have Gravitational Waves Been Discovered?!?
    28oct15: Is The Alcubierre Warp Drive Possible?
    05nov15: Why Haven't We Found Alien Life?
    11nov15: Challenge: Can you save Earth from a Killer Asteroid?
    18nov15: 5 Ways to Stop a Killer Asteroid
    25nov15: 100 Years of Relativity + Challenge Winners!
    09dec15: How to Build a Black Hole
    16dec15: The Higgs Mechanism Explained
    06jan16: The True Nature of Matter and Mass
    13jan16: When Time Breaks Down
    20jan16: The Photon Clock Challenge
    27jan16: The Origin of Matter and Time
    03feb16: Will Mars or Venus Kill You First?
    11feb16: LIGO's First Detection of Gravitational Waves!
    17feb16: Planet X Discovered?? + Challenge Winners!
    24feb16: Why the Big Bang Definitely Happened
    02mar16: What’s Wrong With the Big Bang Theory?
    16mar16: Why is the Earth Round and the Milky Way Flat?
    23mar16: How Cosmic Inflation Flattened the Universe
    30mar16: Pulsar Starquakes Make Fast Radio Bursts? + Challenge Winners!
    06apr16: We Are Star Stuff
    13apr16: Will the Universe Expand Forever?
    20apr16: Why the Universe Needs Dark Energy
    27apr16: What Does Dark Energy Really Do?
    04may16: Will Starshot's Insterstellar Journey Succeed?
    11may16: The Cosmic Conspiracy of Dark Energy Challenge Question
    18may16: Anti-gravity and the True Nature of Dark Energy
    25may16: Is an Ice Age Coming?
    Quantum Physics: 14 vids, starting with:
    01jun16: Is Quantum Tunneling Faster than Light?
    08jun16: New Fundamental Particle Discovered?? + Challenge Winners!
    15jun16: The Strange Universe of Gravitational Lensing
    22jun16: Planck's Constant and The Origin of Quantum Mechanics
    29jun16: Nuclear Physics Challenge
    06jul16: Juno to Reveal Jupiter's Violent Past
    20jul17: The Future of Gravitational Waves
    27jul16: The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality
    03aug16: Can We Survive the Destruction of the Earth?
    10aug16: How the Quantum Eraser Rewrites the Past
    17aug16: Quantum Eraser Lottery Challenge
    24aug16: Should We Build a Dyson Sphere?
    07sep16: Is There a Fifth Fundamental Force?
    14sep16: Self-Replicating Robots and Galactic Domination
    21sep16: Quantum Entanglement and the Great Bohr-Einstein Debate
    29sep16: Life on Europa?
    05oct16: Are We Alone? Galactic Civilization Challenge
    12oct16: Black Holes from the Dawn of Time
    19oct16: The First Humans on Mars
    26oct16: The Many Worlds of the Quantum Multiverse
    02nov16: Quantum Vortices and Superconductivity + Challenge Answers
    09nov16: Did Dark Energy Just Disappear?
    16nov16: Strange Stars
    18nov16: Are Galactic Civilizations Possible? (lecture)
    30nov16: Pilot Wave Theory and Quantum Realism
    08dec16: What Happens at the Event Horizon?
    14dec16: Escape The Kugelblitz Challenge
    21dec16: Have They Seen Us?
    04jan17: How to See Black Holes + Kugelblitz Challenge Answer
    11jan17: The EM Drive: Fact or Fantasy?
    19jan17: Singularities Explained | Infinite Series
    19jan17: The Phantom Singularity
    25jan17: Why Quasars are so Awesome
    02feb17: The Geometry of Causality
    15feb17: Telescopes of Tomorrow
    22feb17: The Eye of Sauron Reveals a Forming Solar System!
    01mar17: The Treasures of Trappist-1
    08mar17: The Race to a Habitable Exoplanet - Time Warp Challenge
    15mar17: Time Crystals!
    22mar17: Superluminal Time Travel + Time Warp Challenge Answer
    29mar17: How Time Becomes Space Inside a Black Hole
    05apr17: Telescopes on the Moon
    19apr17: The Oh My God Particle
    26apr17: Are You a Boltzmann Brain?
    03may17: Are We Living in an Ancestor Simulation?
    10may17: The Great American Eclipse
    17may17: Martian Evolution
    31may17: The Fate of the First Stars
    07jun17: Supervoids vs Colliding Universes!
    21jun17: Anti-Matter and Quantum Relativity
    28jun17: The First Quantum Field Theory
    07jul17: Feynman's Infinite Quantum Paths
    12jul17: Solving the Impossible in Quantum Field Theory
    19jul17: The Real Star Wars
    26jul17: The Secrets of Feynman Diagrams
    02Aug17: Dark Flow
    10aug17: The One-Electron Universe
    16aug17: Extraterrestrial Superstorms
    24aug17: First Detection of Life
    30aug17: White Holes
    13sep17: Neutron Stars Collide in New LIGO Signal?
    20sep17: The Future of Space Telescopes
    28sep17: Are the Fundamental Constants Changing?
    04oct17: When Quasars Collide STJC
    11oct17: Absolute Cold
    19oct17: The Nature of Nothing
    25oct17: The Missing Mass Mystery
    02nov17: The Vacuum Catastrophe
    08nov17: Zero-Point Energy Demystified
    23nov17: Suicide Space Robots
    29nov17: Citizen Science + Zero-Point Challenge Answer
    06dec17: Understanding the Uncertainty Principle with Quantum Fourier Series
    13dec17: The Origin of Our First Interstellar Visitor
    20dec17: Extinction by Gamma-Ray Burst
    10jan18: What Do Stars Sound Like?
    17jan18: Horizon Radiation
    24jan18: The End of the Habitable Zone
    31jan18: Kronos: Devourer Of Worlds
    14feb18: What is energy?
    21feb18: The Death of the Sun
    28feb18: The Trebuchet Challenge
    07mar18: Should Space be Privatized?
    15mar18: Hawking Radiation
    21mar18: Scientists Have Detected the First Stars
    28mar18: The Andromeda-Milky Way Collision
    04apr18: The Unruh Effect
    11apr18: The Physics of Life (ft. It's Okay to be Smart & PBS Eons!)
    18apr18: Using Stars to See Gravitational Waves
    25apr18: Black Hole Swarms
    02may18: The Star at the End of Time
    09may18: How Gaia Changed Astronomy Forever
    16may18: Noether's Theorem and The Symmetries of Reality
    23may18: Why Quantum Information is Never Destroyed
    13jun18: What Survives Inside A Black Hole?
    20jun18: The Black Hole Information Paradox
    04jul18: Will A New Neutrino Change The Standard Model?
    11jul18: Quantum Invariance & The Origin of The Standard Model
    18jul18: The Misunderstood Nature of Entropy
    25jul18: Reversing Entropy with Maxwell's Demon
    01aug18: How Close To The Sun Can Humanity Get?
    15aug18: Quantum Theory's Most Incredible Prediction
    23aug18: How Will the Universe End?
    30aug18: Is There Life on Mars?
    05sep18: The Black Hole Entropy Enigma
    12sep18: How Much Information is in the Universe?
    20sep18: Quantum Gravity and the Hardest Problem in Physics
    03oct18: How to Detect Extra Dimensions
    10oct18: Computing a Universe Simulation
    18oct18: What are the Strings in String Theory?
    25oct18: Will We Ever Find Alien Life?
    31oct18: Are Virtual Particles A New Layer of Reality?
    07nov18: Why String Theory is Right
    14nov18: Supersymmetric Particle Found?
    21nov18: 'Oumuamua Is Not Aliens
    06dec18: Did Life on Earth Come from Space?
    12dec18: Quantum Physics in a Mirror Universe
    20dec18: Why String Theory is wrong
    09jan19: Are Dark Matter And Dark Energy The Same?
    16jan19: Our Antimatter, Mirrored, Time-Reversed Universe
    24jan19: The Crisis in Cosmology
    30jan19: Perpetual Motion From Negative Mass?
    07feb19: Sound Waves from the Beginning of Time
    20feb19: Secrets of the Cosmic Microwave Background
    06mar19: The Impossibility of Perpetual Motion Machines
    13mar19: Will You Travel to Space? [The Future of Space Tourism with Richard Branson]
    20mar19: Is Dark Energy Getting Stronger?
    28mar19: Could the Universe End by Tearing Apart Every Atom?
    03apr19: The Edge of an Infinite Universe
    10apr19: The Holographic Universe Explained
    24apr19: No Dark Matter = Proof of Dark Matter?
    01may19: The Real Science of the EHT Black Hole
    09may19: Why Quantum Computing Requires Quantum Cryptography
    16may19: The Cosmic Dark Ages
    06jun19: The Alchemy of Neutron Star Collisions
    17jun19: How Black Holes Kill Galaxies
    20jun19: The Quasar from The Beginning of Time | STELLAR
    27jun19: Intro to Black Holes Learning Playlist
    01jul19: Thorium and the Future of Nuclear Energy
    15jul19: The Quantum Internet
    18jul19: Did Time Start at the Big Bang?
    25jul19: Deciphering The Vast Scale of the Universe | STELLAR
    06aug19: What Caused the Big Bang? - the real physics of cosmic inflation
    12aug19: Exploring a HUGE Radio Telescope in VR 180
    19aug19: What Happened Before the Big Bang?
    26aug19: How To Become an Astrophysicist + Challenge Question!
    03sep19: Is Earth's Magnetic Field Reversing?
    16sep19: Could We Terraform Mars?
    23sep19: Is Pluto a Planet?
    30sep19: How Many Universes Are There?
    07oct19: Black Hole Harmonics
    15oct19: Loop Quantum Gravity Explained
    21oct19: Is Time Travel Impossible?
    04nov19: Why We Might Be Alone in the Universe
    11nov19: Does Life Need a Multiverse to Exist?
    18nov19: Can You Observe a Typical Universe?
    02dec19: Is The Universe Finite?
    09dec19: The Doomsday Argument
    17dec19: Do Black Holes Create New Universes?
    06jan20: How To Capture Ghost Particles
    13jan20: How To Capture Black Holes
    20jan20: Solving the Three Body Problem
    27jan20: Hacking the Nature of Reality
    03feb20: Are there Infinite Versions of You?
    11feb20: Are Axions Dark Matter?
    18feb20: Does Consciousness Influence Quantum Mechanics
    24feb20: How Decoherence Splits The Quantum Multiverse
    03mar20: Does Quantum Immortality Save Schrödinger's Cat?
    16mar20: How Do Quantum States Manifest In The Classical World?
    24mar20: How Black Holes Spin Space Time
    31mar20: What’s On The Other Side Of A Black Hole?
    07apr20: How We Know The Earth Is Ancient
    14apr20: Was the Milky Way a Quasar?
    22apr20: Will Wormholes Allow Fast Interstellar Travel?
    28apr20: Space Time Livestream: Ask Matt Anything [dismal]
    11may20: How Luminiferous Aether Led to Relativity
    18may20: Mapping the Multiverse
    27may20: Does Gravity Require Extra Dimensions?
    08jun20: Can Viruses Travel Between Planets?
    15jun20: What Happens After the Universe Ends?
    22jun20: Building Black Holes in a Lab
    30jun20: Dissolving an Event Horizon
    08jul20: Does Antimatter Explain Why There's Something Rather Than Nothing?
    08jul20: The Boundary Between Black Holes & Neutron Stars
    28jul20: What is a Theory of Everything: Livestream
    10aug20: Theory of Everything Controversies: Livestream
    17aug20: How Stars Destroy Each Other
    24aug20: Can Future Colliders Break the Standard Model?
    01sep20: Watch the Latest Patreon Hangout w/ Matt
    01sep20: How Do We Know What Stars Are Made Of?
    08sep20: The Truth About Beauty in Physics
    21sep20: Could Life Evolve Inside Stars?
    28sep20: Solving Quantum Cryptography
    05oct20: Venus May Have Life!
    12oct20: Do the Past and Future Exist?
    20oct20: Is The Future Predetermined By Quantum Mechanics?
    27oct20: How The Penrose Singularity Theorem Predicts The End of Space Time
    04nov20: Electroweak Theory and the Origin of the Fundamental Forces
    11nov20: Can Free Will be Saved in a Deterministic Universe?
    18nov20: The Arrow of Time and How to Reverse It
    26nov20: November 20 Hangout
    08dec20: Why Do You Remember The Past But Not The Future?
    15dec20: The Supernova At The End of Time
    23dec20: Navigating with Quantum Entanglement
    12jan21: What Happens During a Quantum Jump?
    19jan21: Could A Spaceship Wrap Around The Universe & Destroy Itself?
    26jan21: Dark Matter Particles: Gateway to The Dark Universe
    10feb21: How Does Gravity Warp the Flow of Time?
  The Great Courses: The Theory of Everything
    05jul17: Two Prototype Theories of Everything
    14feb17: Quantum Mechanics
    The Origin of Matter and Time: 20may15: The Real Meaning of E=mc²; 07oct15 The Speed of Light is NOT About Light; 16dec15 The Higgs Mechanism Explained;

    06jan16: The True Nature of Matter and Mass; 13jan16 When Time Breaks Down; 27jan16 The Origin of Matter and Time
  Physics Girl
    25aug15: How to Make a Cloud in Your Mouth
    01mar16: Quantum Cryptography Explained
    15jun18: How to travel faster than light
    23jul18: Can leptogenesis explain why there's something instead of nothing? <
  Sixty Symbols
    11jul13: Why is light slower in glass?
    03oct13: What is the maximum Bandwidth?
    Zhang-qi Yina and Tongcang Li 00aug16: Bringing quantum mechanics to life: from Schrödinger’s cat to Schrödinger’s microbe
    Scientific American 08oct19: Giant Molecules Exist in Two Places at Once in Unprecedented Quantum Experiment
  David Butler
    18oct16: The Higgs Boson
  Roger Penrose
    18nov11: Sir Roger Penrose, Aeons before the Big Bang (Copernicus Center Lecture 2010)
    30dec11: Roger Penrose on Twistors and Quantum Non-Locality
    25jan13: Roger Penrose - What Things Really Exist?
    16jan14: Roger Penrose - Forbidden crystal symmetry in mathematics and architecture
    14aug14: Roger Penrose - Twistor, Reality and Quantum Non Locality
    15may15: Sir Roger Penrose - "Consciousness and the foundations of physics”
    28jul15: What does Quantum Theory Mean
    10dec15: Roger Penrose. Twistor theory
    06oct16: Sir Roger Penrose: What We All Need to Know About Physics
    27mar17: Fashion, Faith and Fantasy in Physics - with Roger Penrose
    18dec18: Joe Rogan Experience #1216 - Sir Roger Penrose
    10jan19: What's Fundamental in the Cosmos? (Part 1)
    03feb19: Sir Roger Penrose | Can Aeons Explain The Big Bang?
    28jun19: Roger Penrose | Gravity, Hawking Points and Twistor Theory
    15jul19: Roger Penrose | The Next Universe and Before the Big Bang
    24jul19: Roger Penrose | The Next Universe and Before the Big Bang
    20aug19: Roger Penrose - Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life and Mind?
    27nov19: Roger Penrose - Are there Extra Dimensions? [Twistor Theory]
    16mar20: Roger Penrose - Many Worlds of Quantum Theory
    31mar20: Roger Penrose: Physics of Consciousness and the Infinite Universe | Lex Fridman Podcast #85
    04apr20: Consciousness is Not a Computation (Roger Penrose) | AI Podcast Clips
    13apr20: Roger Penrose - Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?
    12may20: Sir Roger Penrose & Dr. Stuart Hameroff: CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE PHYSICS OF THE BRAIN
    08aug20: Why Did The Mathematician Cross The Road? - with Roger Penrose
    30sep20: Roger Penrose - How does Beauty Color the Universe?
    06oct20: Roger Penrose - Why Did Our Universe Begin?
    06oct20: Extra Time: Professor Sir Roger Penrose in conversation with Andrew Hodges (2014) – part 1/2
    06oct20: Extra Time: Professor Sir Roger Penrose in conversation with Andrew Hodges (2014) – part 2/2
    07oct20: Did Our Universe Begin?
    08oct20: Roger Penrose - Quantum Physics of Consciousness
    19oct20: TSC [The Science of Consciousness - Conferences - CCS] 2020 Roger Penrose
    20oct20: Sir Roger Penrose OM, FRS - Orch OR: New Results on the Physics of OR
    09nov20: Roger Penrose, Carlo Rovelli and Helen Czerski with Andrew Marr
  Sean Carroll
    Sean Carroll: Preposterous Universe
      Sean Carroll: Preposterous Universe Archives
      13dec10: Origin of the Universe & the Arrow of Time
      18jan13: The Particle at the End of the Universe
      05jun13: God is not a Good Theory
      11jul13: Particles, Fields and The Future of Physics
      20jun14: Black hole Firewalls [with Jennifer Ouellette]
      30nov14: Dark Matter vs Modified Gravity
      14mar15: On Death And The Afterlife
      23may16: The Big Picture | Talks at Google [contains 'The Core Theory' picture]
      11sep16: Why Does Time Exist at All?
      14dec17: The Arrow of Time in an Eternal Universe
      22nov17: From the Big Bang to the Meaning of Life
      03apr18: The Paradoxes of Time Travel
      07aug18: What Is Time? | the theories of Presentism and Eternalism
      24oct18: The Many Worlds Theory
      24oct18: Why Probability in Quantum Mechanics is Given by the Wave Function Squared
      14may19: The many worlds of quantum reality
      04jun19: What is the Meaning of Life?
      04oct19: Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds [...]
      06mar20: Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why
      26nov20: Thanksgiving [Black Hole Entropy]
    Sean Carroll/Mindscape [audio]
      09jul18 Episode 1: Carol Tavris on Mistakes, Justification, and Cognitive Dissonance
      13aug18: Mindscape 9 | Solo: Why Is There Something Rather than Nothing?
      15oct18: Mindscape 18 | Clifford Johnson on What's So Great About Superstring Theory
      03dec18: Mindscape 25 | David Chalmers on Consciousness, the Hard Problem, and Living in a Simulation
      07jan19: Mindscape 28 | Roger Penrose on Spacetime, Consciousness, and the Universe
      05feb19: Mindscape 31 | Brian Greene on the Multiverse, Inflation, and the String Theory Landscape
      04mar19: Mindscape 36 | David Albert on Quantum Measurement and the Problems with Many-Worlds
      06may19: Mindscape 45 | Leonard Susskind on Quantum Information, Quantum Gravity, and Holography
      09sep19: Mindscape 63 | Solo: Finding Gravity Within Quantum Mechanics
      02dec19: Mindscape 75 | Max Tegmark on Reality, Simulation, and the Multiverse
    Sean Carroll/Something Deeply Hidden
      Not Even Wrong 20aug19: [criticism of] Something Deeply Hidden [by Sean Carroll]
      Not Even Wrong 22mar18: What is Real?
    Sean Carroll/The Biggest Ideas in the Universe
      31dec99: Full Playlist
      20mar20: Introduction
      24mar20: 1. Conservation
      29mar20: 1. Conservation Q&A
      04apr20: 2. Change
      04apr20: 2. Change Q&A
      07apr20: 3. Force, Energy, and Action
      12apr20: 3. Force, Energy, and Action Q&A
      14apr20: 4. Space
      19apr20: 4. Space Q&A
      21apr20: 5. Time
      26apr20: 5. Time Q&A
      28apr20: 6. Spacetime
      04may20: 6. Spacetime Q&A
      05may20: 7. Quantum Mechanics
      10may20: 7. Quantum Mechanics Q&A [Hilbert space, etc.]
      12may20: 8. Entanglement
      17may20: 8. Entanglement Q&A
      19may20: 9. Fields
      24may20: 9. Fields Q&A
      26may20: 10. Interactions
      29may20: 10. Interactions Q&A
      02jun20: 11. Renormalization
      06jun20: 11. Renormalization Q&A
      09jun20: 12. Scale
      14jun20: 12. Scale Q&A
      16jun20: 13. Geometry and Topology
      21jun20: 13. Geometry and Topology Q&A
      23jun20: 14. Symmetry
      29jun20: 14. Symmetry Q&A
      30jun20: 15. Gauge Theory
      05jul20: 15. Gauge Theory Q&A
      07jul20: 16. Gravity
      12jul20: 16. Gravity Q&A
      14jul20: 17. Matter
      19jul20: 17. Matter Q&A
      21jul20: 18. Atoms
      21jul20: 18. Atoms Q&A
      28jul20: 19. Probability and Randomness
      03aug20: 19. Probability and Randomness Q&A
      04aug20: 20. Entropy and Information
      09aug20: 20. Entropy and Information Q&A
      11aug20: 21. Emergence
      16aug20: 21. Emergence Q&A
      18aug20: 22. Cosmology
      23aug20: 22. Cosmology Q&A
      25aug20: 23. Criticality and Complexity
      30aug20: 23. Criticality and Complexity Q&A
      01sep20: 24. Science
    Maxwell's Equations - Basic derivation
    : What is a tensor?
    : A brief and transparent derivation of the Lorentz-Einstein transformations via thought experiments
    : Einstein Field Equations - for beginners!
    14sep16: Easy derivation of E=mc2
    : Carter-Penrose diagrams and black holes
    Wikipedia : Einstein–Cartan theory [includes Torsion]
  Eugene Khutoryansky : Physics Videos by
    Eugene Khutoryansky Relativity
      30nov11: Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity
      25may15: Einstein's Relativistic Train in a Tunnel Paradox: Special Relativity
      01jul15: Minkowski Space-Time: Spacetime in Special Relativity
      07oct15: Einstein's Relativistic Train in a Tunnel Paradox: Special Relativity
      PhysicsMatt 25aug16: Why FTL implies time travel
      08aug16: Gravitational Time Dilation causes gravitational “attraction.”
      20jul17: Tensors Explained Intuitively: Covariant, Contravariant, Rank
      12aug17: Einstein's Field Equations of General Relativity Explained
  YouTube 12apr19: Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser: Shocking Results may show Future Affects Past
  Frank Wilczek 20may20: Quanta of the Third Kind Anyons
  Matt McIrvin 00xxx94: Some Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Particles
  M. Burgin : Interpretations of Negative Probabilities
    Eugene Khutoryansky Quantum
      08sep13: Thermodynamics and the End of the Universe: Energy, Entropy, and the fundamental laws of physics.
      28dec14: Electromagnetism - Maxwell's Laws
      03may15: Waves: Light, Sound, and the nature of Reality
      18aug15: Entropy: Why the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is a fundamental law of physics
      06sep15: Fourier Transform, Fourier Series, and frequency spectrum
      07dec15: Divergence and Curl
      29dec15: Philosophy of Physics
      13feb16: Quantum Wave Function Visualization
      28mar16: Quantum Operators
      15apr16: Schrödinger's Equation
      15may16: Physics Simulations and Simulating the Human Brain
      21jun16: Entropy is not disorder: micro-state vs macro-state
      27jun16: Quantum Spin - Visualizing the physics and mathematics
      07jan17: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, Imaginary and Real
  Coherence and Entanglement 25jun15: Physicists find quantum coherence and quantum entanglement are two sides of the same coin
      12jul19: Imaging Bell-type nonlocal behavior
      - The Register 13jul19: Literally rings our bell: Scotch eggheads take first-ever snap of quantum entanglement
      The Register 13jul19: Scientists shed new light on 'entangled' particles
  Up and Atom
    Up and Atom : Playlist
    Up and Atom 06jul18: What is The Schrödinger Equation, Exactly?
    - : Quantum Draft Final Submission
    DrPhysicsA: Derivation of Planck Units from the three universal constants G, h and c.
      DrPhysicsA 14feb12: Part 1 of 3 Dimensions of G, h, c
      DrPhysicsA 14feb12: Part 2 of 3 Length
      DrPhysicsA 14feb12: Part 3 of 3 Mass
    DrPhysicsA: Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
      DrPhysicsA 18feb12: Part 1 of 2 [Electron uncertainty, slit with light]
      DrPhysicsA 19feb12: Part 2 of 2 [Slit uncertainty with electrons ]
  Doc Physics
    Doc Physics 08apr13: Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Derived and Explained
  The Standard Model
    The Royal Institution - Tara Shears 06dec19: Could the Standard Model Be Wrong? Exploring Lepton Universality
    Cassiopeia Project 18mar16: Quantum Electrodynamics
    PBS Space Time 04jul18: Will A New Neutrino Change The Standard Model?
    PBS Space Time 16may18: Noether's Theorem and The Symmetries of Reality
    PBS Space Time 11jul18: - Quantum Invariance & The Origin of The Standard Model
    PBS Space Time 24aug20: Can Future Colliders Break the Standard Model?
    Wikipedia 31dec99: Mathematical formulation of the Standard Model
  Quantum Information
    Curiosity Stream 28may19: Why Quantum Information is Never Destroyed
    Stack Exchange 13dec12: Why is information in a volume proportional to it's surface area?
    Stack Exchange 27dec10: Maximum theoretical data density
    Quora 13sep17: Is there a physical limit on information density?
  Quantum Computing
    11oct14: Quantum Computer in a Nutshell (Documentary)
    BBC 13oct17: How do you build the next-generation internet?
    BBC 15feb18: Quantum computers 'one step closer'
    BBC 31mar18: Microsoft gambles on a quantum leap in computing
    Infinite Series  16feb17: The Mathematics of Quantum Computers
    Infinite Series  27apr17: Hacking at Quantum Speed with Shor's Algorithm
    Coding Tech    23nov17: A Beginner’s Guide To Quantum Computing [using IBM's online Quantum computer]
    Microsoft Research 14may18: Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists
    RI 20may18: Quantum Computing: Untangling the Hype
    - qx-introduction which goes to qx/experience
    BBC 04sep18: The race to make the world's most powerful computer ever
    Microsoft devblogs 02dec18: Inside the Quantum Katas, part 1
    The Register 29jan21: Microsoft's Gooseberry is a dish best served really, really cold: Progress made on silicon quantum computing
    Quantum Computing/Andrea Morello
      Lunch & Learn 21nov18: Quantum Computing
      Veritasium 17jun13: How Does a Quantum Computer Work?
      Veritasium 16jun20: Panel Discussion: Quantum Machine Learning
  Quantum Mechanics Concepts
    20aug13: 1 Dirac Notation and Photon
    20aug13: 2 Photon Polarisation (continued)
    03sep13: 3 Electron Spin
    10sep13: 4 Position, Momentum and Heisenberg
    17sep13: 5 The EPR Paradox explanation
    24sep13: 6 Energy Operators, the Hamiltonian
    01oct13: 7 The Harmonic Oscillator
  Quantum Fields
    David Tong 15jun17: Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe
  Math for Quantum Physics - Tibees: Study with me
    08jul18: 1 Math for Quantum Physics
    22jul18: 2 Quantum Probabilities
    08aug18: 3 Quantum Measurement & Observables
    23aug18: 4 Collapsing States
    09sep18: 5 Feynman Path Integral
  World Science Festival
    09dec14: Rebooting the Cosmos: Is the Universe the Ultimate Computer?
    29dec14: A Thin Sheet of Reality: The Universe as a Hologram
  Max Tegmark [Our Mathematical Universe]
    Peter Woit 17jan14: Stinging criticism of Our Mathematical Universe
    TED 30jun114: Consciousness is a mathematical pattern
    Serious Science 08aug14: Evidence for Parallel Universes
    RI 08oct14: Our Mathematical Universe with Max Tegmark
    RI 08oct14: Q&A - The mathematical universe with Max Tegmark
    World Science 24jan18: Module 1: The Size of Our Cosmos
    - World Science : History and Mysteries of the Universe [full course -need to register]
  Richard Feynman
    The Character of Physical Law
      27jan11: Part 1 The Law of Gravitation (full version)
      27jan11: Part 2 The Relation of Maths and Physics(full version)
      28jan11: Part 4 Symmetry in Physical Law (full version)
      29jan11: Part 5 The Distinction of Past and Future
      30jan11: Part 6 Probability and Uncertainty (full version)
      01nov18: The complete FUN TO IMAGINE with Richard Feynman
  Alex Flournoy
      Alex Flournoy: Particle Physics 2018 playlist
      Alex Flournoy: General Relativity 2019 playlist
  Robbert Dijkgraaf
    29mar15: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Quantum Physics in Modern Mathematics
  Minute Physics
  : MinutePhysics (chronological order)
  26jun11: What is Gravity?
  06julll: What is Dark Matter?
  29mar12: Einstein's Proof of E=mc²
  28oct12: E=mc² is Incomplete
  19feb12: Theory of Everything (intro)
  26feb12: Theory of Everything: What is Matter?
  21may12: Every Force in Nature (Theory of Everything, Part III)
  26aug16: Complete Solution To The Twins Paradox [and see 03apr18 below]
  08aug17: Minute Physics: Will Batteries Power The World? | The Limits Of Lithium-ion )
  08aug17: Real Engineering: How Many Batteries Could Power The World? (ft. MinutePhysics)
  13sep17: Bell's Theorem: The Quantum Venn Diagram Paradox
  13sep17: Some light quantum mechanics (with MinutePhysics)
  03apr18: Lorentz Transformations | Special Relativity Ch. 3 [Space-Time Diagrams best explanation]
    08may13: Your Mass is NOT From the Higgs Boson
    12jan15: Quantum Entanglement & Spooky Action at a Distance
    05apr17: The Bayesian Trap
    12dec17: This Particle Breaks Time Symmetry
  Physics For Idiots
    10oct17: Quantum Mechanics
  String Theory
    01mar18: String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?
    TED: Brian Greene 23apr08: Making sense of string theory
    World Science Festival 03aug19: Loose Ends: String Theory and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory
    Physics Today 11nov15: What every physicist should know about string theory
  Quantum Gravity
    Jim Baggott 15may19: Why Space Itself is Quantum in Nature
    Jim Baggott 16nov20: Primordial cosmology from quantum gravity with purely virtual particles
  Periodic Table
    NASA Apod 24oct17: Where Your Elements Came From
    : Dynamic Periodic Table
    Physics World 03jan19: Our universe has antimatter partner on the other side of the Big Bang, say physicists
    New Scientist 08apr20: We may have spotted a parallel universe going backwards in time
    New Scientist 12dec12: 'The idea we live in a simulation isn't science fiction'
    New Scientist 07may14: QBism: Is quantum uncertainty all in the mind?
    New Scientist 29jan20: What you experience may not exist. Inside the strange truth of reality
  Computaional Universe
    Stephen Wolfram 10dec20: Computation and the Fundamental Theory of Physics
    20mar18: Cosmologists create record-breaking simulation of galaxy formation
    20mar18: Cosmologists create record-breaking simulation of galaxy formation
    nature geoscience 20may19: Pluto’s ocean is capped and insulated by gas hydrates
    TED: Tabetha Boyajian 29apr16: The most mysterious star in the universe
    What da Math: Anton Petrov 18nov19: Final Parsec Problem - The Paradox of Supermassive Black Holes
    The Register 22nov19: We don't usually sugar-coat the news but... Alien sugars found in Earth-bound meteorites
    Wikipedia present: History of astronomy
        Constellation Guide 31dec99: Constellation Orion
        National Geographic 10jun17: Mars Making the New Earth | Full Documentary
        BBC 17may19: Mars: The box seeking to answer the biggest question
        ESA 02may16: EXOMARS MISSION (2020)
        America From Scratch 28jun19: Should We Pay People to Move to Mars? (feat. Nasa)
        The Register 13nov19: Astroboffins baffled as Curiosity rover takes larger gasps of oxygen in Martian summers
        TED: Stephen Petranek 05may16: Your kids might live on Mars. Here's how they'll survive.
        TEDxRVA: Dr. Joel Levine 31jul15: The Exploration and Colonization of Mars: Why Mars? Why Humans?
        TEDxVienna: Gernot Grömer 23nov15: What if you had a day on Mars?
        TEDxUniversityofBristol: Lucy Berthoud 18jul16: Is there life on Mars?
        TEDxBeaconStreet: Nagin Cox 13dec16: Living on Two Planets: Mars Time
        03jun17: MARS - A Traveller's Guide to the Planets | Full Documentary
        NASA 13jun19: Uahirise - Dune Footprints in Hellas
        The Register 22nov19: Found on Mars: Alien insects... or whatever the hell this smudge is supposed to be, anyway
        Mars/Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
          Wikipedia : Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
          Mars/Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter/HiRISE
            Mars/Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter/HiRISE/Specification
              AGU100 27may07: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE)
              University of Arizona LPL 24apr08: HiRISE Stereo Pairs
              PIRL Planetary Imaging Resource Laboratory 00xxx19: HiView Image Viewer [Not with IE]
              - PIRL Planetary Imaging Resource Laboratory 00xxx11: HiView Image Viewer download
              JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 112, E05S02, doi:10.1029/2005JE002605, 2007
            Mars/Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter/HiRISE/Pictures
              NASA : High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE)
              NASA : HiRISE Online Image Viewer - Map of images
              University of Arizona LPL : select image/swathe by latitude & longitude, etc
              LPL : Catalog 2,603 pages, 62,471 images
              NASA : Images Search; HiRISE Flickr Photostream etc.
              University of Arizona LPL : Map of targets [locate by coordinates, etc]
              University of Arizona LPL : Stereo Pairs [606 pages, 6056 images]
              Mars/Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter/HiRISE/Pictures/Jerezo Crater
                NASA : Jezero Crater Minerals [colour]
                NASA : Jezero Crater's Ancient Lakeshore [and landing site]
  RI - Beth Shapiro 27may15: How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of De-Extinction
  It’s Okay To Be Smart 11apr18: Where Did Life Come From? (feat. PBS Space Time and Eons!)
  Eons 11apr18: What Was the Ancestor of Everything? (feat. PBS Space Time and It’s Okay To Be Smart)
    BBC 08sep17 Tech Tent: Facts, faces and the Nissan Leaf: Facts don't matter online
    TED - Pamela Meyer 13oct10: How to spot a liar
    Wired - Tradecraft 21may19: Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language
    Veritasium 21jul16: The Illusion of Truth [Cognitive Easing]
  NIST 31dec99: NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
  UT 31dec99: The University of Texas at Austen, Department of Mathematics - Matrix Visualisation
  Legrangian and Hamiltonian
    28mar05: The Legrangian Approach to Classical Mechanics
    John Baez 00xxx08: Classical Mechanics: Legrangian and Hamiltonian Approaches
  Tensors for Beginners
    09dec17: 0 Tensor Definition
    09dec17: 1 Forward and Backward Transformations (contains error; read description!)
    10dec17: 2 Vector definition
    10dec17: 3 Vector Transformation Rules
    14dec17: 4 What are Covectors?
    14dec17: 5 Covector Components
    16dec17: 6 Covector Transformation Rules
    24jan18: 7 Linear Maps
    25jan18: 8 Linear Map Transformation Rules
    27jan18: 9 The Metric Tensor
  Gilbert Strang and Cleve Moler
      Differential Equations
      Linear Algebra
        06may16: The Big Picture of Linear Algebra
  PBS Infinite Series
    17nov16: A Breakthrough in Higher Dimensional Spheres
    24nov16: Are Prime Numbers Made Up?
    01dec16: How Many Humans Have the Same Number of Body Hairs?
    08dec16: A Hierarchy of Infinities
    15dec16: Can You Solve the Poison Wine Challenge?
    22dec16: Can We Hear Shapes?
    05jan17: When Pi is Not 3.14
    12jan17: Can a Chess Piece Explain Markov Chains?
    19jan17: Singularities Explained
    26jan17: Kill the Mathematical Hydra
    02feb17: How Infinity Explains the Finite
    16feb17: The Mathematics of Quantum Computers
    23feb17: Splitting Rent with Triangles
    02mar17: Infinite Chess
    09mar17: 5 Unusual Proofs
    16mar17: Proving Pick's Theorem
    23mar17: What is a Random Walk?
    06apr17: Solving the Wolverine Problem with Graph Coloring
    13apr17: Can We Combine pi & e to Make a Rational Number?
    20apr17: How to Break Cryptography
    27apr17: Hacking at Quantum Speed with Shor's Algorithm
    04may17: Building an Infinite Bridge
    11may17: Topology Riddles
    19may17: The Devil's Staircase
    01jun17: Dissecting Hypercubes with Pascal's Triangle
    08jun17: Pantographs and the Geometry of Complex Functions
    15jun17: Voting Systems and the Condorcet Paradox
    22jun17: Arrow's Impossibility Theorem
    13jul17: Making Probability Mathematical
    21jul17: Why Computers are Bad at Algebra
    29jul17: Network Mathematics and Rival Factions
    03aug17: The Honeycombs of 4-Dimensional Bees ft. Joe Hanson
    10aug17: Stochastic Supertasks
    22aug17: Your Brain as Math - Part 1
    23aug17: Simplicial Complexes - Your Brain as Math Part 2
    24aug17: Your Mind Is Eight-Dimensional - Your Brain as Math Part 3
    14sep17: How the Axiom of Choice Gives Sizeless Sets
    28sep17: The Cops and Robbers Theorem
    06oct17: How Many Cops to Catch a Robber?
    12oct17: How to Generate Pseudorandom Numbers
    10nov17: Hilbert's 15th Problem: Schubert Calculus
    23nov17: The Multiplication Multiverse
    30nov17: Associahedra: The Shapes of Multiplication
    12dec17: (Almost) Unbreakable Crypto
    11jan18: The Mathematics of Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
    18jan18: Proving Brouwer's Fixed Point Theorem
    01feb18: How to Divide by "Zero"
    15feb18: Telling Time on a Torus
    27feb18: What Does It Mean to Be a Number? (The Peano Axioms)
    01mar18: What are Numbers Made of?
    08mar18: What was Fermat’s “Marvelous" Proof?
    15mar18: The Geometry of SET
    23mar18: How Big are All Infinities Combined? (Cantor's Paradox)
    29mar18: Unraveling DNA with Rational Tangles
    12apr18: Define Infinite - scratched???
    13apr18: Defining Infinity
    26apr18: Instant Insanity Puzzle
  3Blue1Brown 3b1b videos and see AI.html
    09dec16: Visualizing the Riemann zeta function and analytic continuation
    19may17: Pi hiding in prime regularities
    07jul17: But how does bitcoin actually work?
    11aug17: Thinking visually about higher dimensions
    05oct17: But what *is* a Neural Network? | Chapter 1, deep learning
    05oct17: Gradient descent, how neural networks learn | Chapter 2, deep learning
    03nov17: What is backpropagation really doing? | Chapter 3, deep learning
    03nov17: Backpropagation calculus | Appendix to deep learning chapter 3
    26jan18: But what is the Fourier Transform? A visual introduction.
    24feb18: The more general uncertainty principle, beyond quantum
    19may18: What they won't teach you in calculus
    23may18: Pi hiding in prime regularities
    21jun18: Divergence and curl | Fluid flow with complex functions, part 1
    18aug20: Group theory and why I love 808,017,424,794,512,875,886,459,904,961,710,757,005,754,368,000,000,000
    06sep18: What are quaternions, and how do you visualize them? A story of four dimensions.
    21jun18: Example of OPENGL ES SHADING LANGUAGE
    Essence of Linear Algebra [all]
      Preview 04aug16: Essence of linear algebra preview
      chapter 1 04aug16: Vectors, what even are they?
      chapter 2 06aug16: Linear combinations, span, and basis vectors
      chapter 3 07aug16: Linear transformations and matrices
      chapter 4 08aug16: Matrix multiplication as composition
      chapter 5 09aug16: Three-dimensional linear transformations
      chapter 6 10aug16: The Determinant
      chapter 7 15aug16: Inverse matrices, column space and null space
      chapter 8 16aug16: Nonsquare matrices as transformations between dimensions
      chapter 9 24aug16: Dot products and duality
      chapter 10 31aug16: Cross products
      chapter 11 31aug16: Cross products in the light of linear transformations
      chapter 12 16mar19: Cramer's rule, explained geometrically
      chapter 13 11sep16: Change of basis
      chapter 14 15sep16: Eigenvectors and eigenvalues
      chapter 15 24sep16: Abstract vector spaces
    Differential Equations
      DE1 31mar19: Differential equations, studying the unsolvable
      DE2 21apr19: But what is a partial differential equation?
      DE3 16jun19: Solving the heat equation
      DE4 30jun19: But what is a Fourier series? From heat flow to circle drawings
      DE5 07jul19: Understanding e to the i pi in 3.14 minutes
    Lockdown math
      ep.1 17apr20: The simpler quadratic formula
      ep.2 21apr20: Trigonometry fundamentals
      ep.3 24apr20: Complex number fundamentals
    15apr15: The 'Everything' Formula - Numberphile
    18jan16: Fantastic Quaternions - Numberphile
    23dec16: Incredible Formula - Numberphile
    26sep15: Euler's Formula for the Quaternions
    19jun16: Quaternions Explained Briefly
    02jul16: Quaternions as 4x4 Matrices - Connections to Linear Algebra
    02jul16: Quaternions: Extracting the Dot and Cross Products
    22jul16: 3D Rotations and Quaternion Exponentials: Special Case
    26jul16: 3D Rotations in General: Rodrigues Rotation Formula and Quaternion Exponentials
    09sep16: 3D Reflections with Vectors and Quaternions
  Famous Maths Problems
    17may13: 13A The rotation problem and Hamilton's discovery of quaternions
    01may13: 13B The rotation problem and Hamilton's discovery of quaternions II (contd.)
    24jul13: 13C The rotation problem and Hamilton's discovery of quaternions III (contd.)
    09aug13: 13D The rotation problem and Hamilton's discovery of quaternions IV (contd.)
  The Royal Institution
    25feb15: Four Dimensional Maths: Things to See and Hear in the Fourth Dimension with Matt Parker
    Ventrella : Complex Squaring
  Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues; and see 3Blue1Brown/LinearAlgebra
    Curiosity Stream: MajorPrep 13dec19: The applications of eigenvectors and eigenvalues
    : Predicate Logic
    Science Direct : Predicate Logic
      Wikipedia : Ontology
    RI 03aug16: Adam Kucharski:How Science is Taking the Luck out of Gambling
    Veritasium 11aug16: Is Most Published Research Wrong?
    Veritasium 06dec19: The Science Behind the Butterfly Effect
    Veritasium 29jan20: This equation will change how you see the world (the logistic map)
    Demos current: Dwemos Graphing Calculator
  TEDx 26nov13: Don Pettit: The tyranny of the rocket equation
  Everday Astronaut 25may19: Is SpaceX's Raptor engine the king of rocket engines?
  Martian Colonist 15jun20: Mars Mission Update: June 2020
New Scientist
  04apr20 p19: Some things arte just impossible to predict [Sometimes would need to measure to less than Plank length to wind back.]
  11apr20 p34: Welcome to the antiverse [Particles detected by balloon in the Antarctic, come from below ground.]
  06jun20 p39: Have we got the universe right?
  06jun20 p46: Is reality a simulation?
  Harry Foundalis 31dec99: Science in the Qur’an? Surely you’re joking, Mr. Muslim!
  Kurzgesagt 31dec99: The Universe in a Nutshell