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The Register 31dec99: Artificial Intelligence
BBC 31dec99: Artificial Intelligence
Brain Chemistry Conciousness Brain-Computer Interface Brain Damage Speech Language Memory and Emotion Failings Veritas
    youtube 31dec99: Brain
    BBC 29mov19: Why do some people have wanderlust - and not others?
    BBC 15jan20: The quiet power of introverts
    BBC 12dec20: The science of addiction: Do you always like the things you want?
  Conciousness; and see Physics ... Roger Penrose
    RI: Anil Seth 01feb17: The Neuroscience of Consciousness
    Jeff Hawkins 01jul19: Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence | Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast
    Wikipedia: Bicameralism (psychology)
    ars technica 26mar17: Most common cells in the brain help us anticipate rewards
    Scientific American 27mar17: The Genius of Pinheads: When Little Brains Rule
    Nautilus 04may17: Pre-Conscious Humans May Have Been Like the Borg
    The New York Times 02feb17: The Purpose of Sleep? To Forget, Scientists Say
    Quanta Magazine 23may17: The Thoughts of a Spiderweb
    BBC 12jun17: What you can learn from Einstein's quirky habits
    BBC jul17: Is your brain bigger than the Internet?
    BBC aug17: Can hacking my brain give me an extra sense?
    Nova Next 15aug17: Anyone Can Be Trained to Hallucinate, and That’s Teaching Scientists About Perception
    The A Register 14feb18: A pair of academics have reproduced part of a moth's brain as an artificial neural network
    Discover 03jan18: You’re Sick, We Can See It All Over Your Face
    BBC 03jun18: Exams 2018: The 'myth' of the visual learner
    The Register 06jul18: Boffins build neural networks fashioned out of DNA molecules
    BBC 13jun19: The incredible time-bending power of your brain
    The Register 18jul18: AI can untangle the jumble of neurons packed in brain scans
    The Register 18jul19: Elon Musk's new idea is to hook your noggin up to an AI – but is he just insane about the brain?
    BBC 31jan20: What exactly is deja vu?
    BBC 13mar20: Who is really in control of your mind?
    BBC 16mar20: Is free will just an illusion?
    BBC 16mar20: Are our moral choices really our own?
    The Information Philosopher 31dec99: Libet Experiments [many links]
  Brain-Computer Interface
    Wikipedia: Brain–computer interface
    BBC 10jun13: How the brain controls a 'mind machine'
    arstechnica 24may15: New neural implant reads a person’s intentions to control robotic arm
    BBC 21jul16: Brain map carves cortex into twice as many areas
    NIH Blueprint: The Human Connectome Project
    CBS 09apr17: What is "brain hacking"? Tech insiders on why you should care
    BBC 19apr17: Facebook shares brain-control ambitions
    how-to geek 09jan20: NextMind Makes a Leap Toward Controlling Computers With Your Thoughts
    arstechnica 30mar20: Neural implants plus AI turn sentence-length thoughts to text
    arstechnica 24apr20: BCI system gives paralyzed man back his sense of touch with haptic feedback
    BBC 28aug20: Elon Musk to show off working brain-hacking device
    BBC 29aug20: Neuralink: Elon Musk unveils pig with chip in its brain
    The Register 29aug20: Neuralink: You Musk be joking: A mind-reading Neuralink chip in a pig's brain? Downloadable memories? Telepathy? Watch and judge for yourself
    BBC 02sep20: Is Elon Musk over-hyping his brain-hacking Neuralink tech? - 1024 electrodes, 43mm. Can have multiple implants.]
  Brain Damage
    TEDxOrangeCoast Daniel Amen 16oct13: The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans
    Scientific American 28apr17: The Brain Has Its Own “Autofill” Function for Speech
    BBC 09aug18: Primate speech: How some species are 'wired' for talk
  Language; and see [Computer] Negotiating
    YouTube 12nov15: How to Reach Fluency in a New Language
    Adam King 03may19: Talk to Transformer [Text creation]
    BBC 00oct19: Do we think differently in different languages
    how-to geek 21apr20: What Is Natural Language Processing, and How Does It Work?
    Language/Stephen Pinker
    YouTubbe/Stephen Pinker 21apr20: What Is Natural Language Processing, and How Does It Work?
    YouTubbe/Stephen Pinker 05oct07: The Stuff of Thought | Steven Pinker | Talks at Google
  Memory and Emotion
    2002: A picture is worth a thousand lies: Using false photographs to create false childhood memories
    Time 19nov13: Remember That? No You Don’t. Study Shows False Memories Afflict Us All
    BBC 07apr17: Rules of memory 'beautifully' rewritten
    The Register 07jan18: Forget ripping off brains for AI. Butterflies and worms could lead us to self-repairing intelligent robots, says prof
    BBC 05aug19: Why your first memory is probably wrong
    BBC 01nov18: How to cope with your memory's flaws
    BBC : Babies Their Wonderful World, Series 1, Becoming Independent Three-part science series presented by pediatrician Dr Guddi Singh,
bringing together over 200 babies and scientists from around the world
to take part in one of the most ambitious scientific studies about babies ever attempted.
With cutting-edge experiments we explore how the incredible changes that happen
in the first two years of life make us who we are.
This final episode investigates the latest research into how we become independent.
It looks at the huge transition babies make as they learn to crawl.
New research suggests that crawling triggers a new understanding about the world and its hazards.
Professor Elisabeth Hill tests newly crawling babies with a visual cliff
- an optical illusion made of perspex that looks like a sheer, vertical drop.
Babies that have only just begun to crawl go straight across the perspex,
apparently unaware of the potential danger. Babies who have been crawling for longer
react to the drop and stop on the cliff edge, showing greater understanding of danger.

    BBC 15dec20: Emotions: limbic system
  Failings; and see Memory
    BBC 19jul17: Can hacking your brain give you an extra sense?
    BBC 02feb18: How one woman transformed Alzheimer’s research
    BBC 26feb18: Could psychosis be an autoimmune disease?
    BBC 01jun18: Is your brain your own worst enemy?
    BBC 04jul18: Five ways to be more elastic in your thinking
    BBC 13jun19: The incredible time-bending power of your brain
    BBC 19jul19: How stories shape our minds
    BBC 05aug19: Why we see faces in clouds
    BBC 05aug19: Can you really multitask? Finally, an answer
    BBC 14oct19: Why smart people do stupid things
    BBC 15nov19: Five ways to distraction-proof your mind
    BBC 19dec19: Where do phobias come from?
    BBC 03oct20: Choice blindness: Do you know yourself as well as you think?
    Veritas 03jul14: How Much Information?
    Veritas 16jul14: What is NOT Random?
    Veritas 10feb16: The Speed of Life
    Veritas 21jul16: The Illusion of Truth
    Veritas 02mar17: The Science of Thinking
    BBC 26jul18: Five compelling reasons why we all need to sleep more
    BBC 25oct18: What's the most common thing we all dream about?
    BBC 18nov19: Can we manipulate our sleep?
Hardware NIST's superconducting synapse may be missing piece for 'artificial brains'
  cloudsavvyit 14may20: NVIDIA’s New Ampere GPU is a Game Changer for Artificial Intelligence
  MathWorks -Johanna Pingel 20may20: All About GPUs
Machine Learning: 3Blue1Brown 3b1b videos Amazon: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Android Boltzman Machines Datasets Training Github OpenAI Google Brain Libraries Mathworks Microsoft pandas Tensorflow Interpretability
Learn: Linear algebra well (eg matrix maths)
Learn: Calculus to an OK level (not advanced stuff)
Learn: Probability theory and statistics to a good level
Learn: Theoretical computer science basics
Learn: To code well in Python and OK in C++
  Wikipedia 2017: Machine Learning
  Distill — Latest articles about machine learning
  Quanta Magazine 23jul13: As Machines Get Smarter, Evidence They Learn Like Us
  Quanta Magazine 04dec14: A Common Logic to Seeing Cats and Cosmos
  Fortune: Why Deep Learning Is Suddenly Changing Your Life [local .odt]
  ars technica 14jan17: Neuroscience tools used to understand the microprocessor; they fail [local .odt]
  ars technica 13jan17: “OK Facebook”—Why stop at assistants? Facebook has grander ambitions for modern AI [local .odt]
  The Register 01nov18: If you want to inject AI into your apps, and you can stomach Facebook's code, then have we got some news for you
  Google: Cloud Machine Learning Services
  Humanity’s war on latency: Semaphore to silicon photonics
  Annals of Medicine 03apr17: A.I. Versus M.D. - What happens when diagnosis is automated?
  Nautilus 27apr17:We Need Conscious Robots
  Motherboard 06jun14: There's a Bit of a Flaw in the Way Artificial Intelligence Is Being Developed
  The Royal Society: Machine Learning
  BBC 01aug17: Better drugs, faster: The potential of AI-powered humans
  CBS 20aug17: New generation of drones set to revolutionize warfare
  Wired 18sep17: AI Research Is in Desperate Need of an Ethical Watchdog
  The Verge 20sep17: Google’s AI head says super-intelligent AI scare stories are stupid
  The Register 25sep17: Wanna get started with practical AI? Check out this chap's Rubik's Cube solving neural-net code
  BBC 02oct17: The computers being trained to beat you in an argument
  BBC 16oct17: Artificial intelligence - hype, hope and fear [add £650B to UK by 2035
  BBC 18oct17: Google DeepMind: AI becomes more alien [AlphaGo]
  The Register 25oct17: AI is worth learning and not too tricky – if you can get your head around key frameworks
  - Deep Learning with PyTorch: A 60 Minute Blitz
  The Register 08oct18: dev preview for PyTorch 1.0 is here
  The Register 17apr19: Absolute mad lads are teaching physics to AI because how else will it learn to solve real-world problems (like humans)
  - Keras: The Python Deep Learning library
  The Register 26oct17: AI bot rips off human eyes, easily cracks web CAPTCHA codes. Ouch
  The Register 27oct17: A picture tells a 1,000 words. Here's about 750 on Facebook using pics to school AI translators
  BBC 03nov17: AI image recognition fooled by single pixel change
  The Register 06nov17: How we fooled Google's AI into thinking a 3D-printed turtle was a gun
  The Register 19feb18: Reinforcement learning woes, robot doggos, Amazon's homegrown AI chips, and more
  BBC 23mar18: DeepMind explores inner workings of AI
  BBC 19apr18: Are AI fairytales the future?
  It's Foss Shop 27apr18: Pay What You Want: The 2018 Machine Learning Bundle
  The Register 26jun18: You can never have too much AI! MapR shoves more in data platform in bid to fill 'critical gaps'
  The Register 06jul18: Decision time for AI: Sometimes accuracy is not your friend
  BBC 17aug18: Tent Tech: Is AI more than just a buzzword?
  Microsoft 13sep18: Microsoft acquires Lobe to help bring AI development capability to everyone
  The Register 04oct18: Databricks pushes machine learning on easy mode
  The Register 10nov18: Facebook's after math
  YouTube RI 17may17: Artificial Intelligence, the History and Future - with Chris Bishop
  The Register 17may19: Standards group W3C wins support from all major players to get AI working in the browser
  The Register 12jul19: Congrats, Nvidia and Google: You're still the best (out of five) at training neural networks
  Pathmind: Preview - Run experiments like a pro.
  Comarch 00dec19: Artificial Intelligence Management (AIM)
  how-to geek 09mar20: The Problem With AI: Machines Are Learning Things, But Can’t Understand Them
  Lex Fridman 19apr18: Max Tegmark: Life 3.0 | MIT Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast
  BCG 23nov18: Max Tegmark: Life 3.0 | Being Human in the age of Artificial Intelligence
  Dev Class 21may20: Welcome to the machine learning: Microsoft plays to ML devs with slew of AI announcements
  Dev Class 23dec20: DeepMind's AI agent MuZero could turbocharge YouTube
  3Blue1Brown 3b1b videos
    YouTube: 3BlueOneBrown
    05oct17 But what *is* a Neural Network? | Chapter 1, deep learning
    16oct17 Gradient descent, how neural networks learn | Chapter 2, deep learning
    03nov17 What is backpropagation really doing? | Chapter 3, deep learning
    03nov17 Backpropagation calculus | Deep learning, chapter 4
    Android 8.1 Oreo goes final, rolling out now to Pixel and Nexus devices. Maintenance release brings hardware-accelerated machine learning to the Pixel 2.
  Amazon: Amazon Web Services (AWS); and see Negotiating
    Artificial Intelligence on AWS - Powerful machine learning for all developers and data scientists
    17aug18: Machine Learning on AWS
    Ana Visneski 12oct17: Introducing Gluon: a new library for machine learning from AWS and Microsoft
    The Gluon API Specification
    25oct17: Announcing New AWS Deep Learning AMI [Amazon Machine Images] for Amazon EC2 P3 Instances
    03nov17: Introduction to Amazon AI and Deep Learning
    Amazon Sagemaker: Build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale
    What Is Amazon Sagemaker?
    The world’s first deep learning enabled video camera for developers
    AWS Training and Certification
    AWS Training: AI
    AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials
    AWS Marketplace 00jan19: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
    AWS 00may19: Machine learning solutions in AWS Marketplace
    Neural Networks API
    AWS 24oct19: Machine Learning for free on AWS
    cloudsavvyit 04mar20: A Beginner’s Guide to AWS’s Machine Learning Services
  Boltzman Machines:
    Wikipedia: Hopfield Network
    Wikipedia: Boltzmann Machine
    Wikipedia: Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM)
    SpaceTime 26apr17: Are You a Boltzmann Brain?
    Google search for datasets
    The Register 20nov18: Can you trust an AI data trust not to slurp your data?
      BBC 03nov18: Why Big Tech pays poor Kenyans to programme self-driving cars
  Google Brain:
    Inside the artificial brain that's remaking the Google empire
    Wikipedia: Google Brain
    Research at Google: Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques
    How YouTube perfected the feed - Google Brain gave YouTube new life
    The Register 17may19: Standards group W3C wins support from all major players to get AI working in the browser
      The Register 02oct18: Python lovers, here's a library that will help you master AI as a newbie
      - Github fastai
      - fastai documentation
  Github OpenAI
    The Register 06dec17: OpenAI uses cunning code to speed up GPU machine learning
  Facebook AI Research (FAIR)
    Under the hood 02oct18: Facebook Marketplace powered by artificial intelligence
  Mathworks: Machine Learning:
    Section 1: Introducing Machine Learning
    Section 2: Getting Started with Machine Learning
    Section 3: Applying Unsupervised Learning
    Section 4: Applying Supervised Learning
    MathWorks 2017: Cancer Diagnostics with Deep Learning and Photonic Time Stretch
    MathWorks 06dec16: Deep Learning with MATLAB: Deep Learning in 11 Lines of MATLAB Code
    MathWorks 24jul17: Introduction to Deep Learning
    MathWorks: Introducing Deep Learning with MATLAB
    MathWorks: Introducing Deep Learning with MATLAB
    MathWorks: Machine Learning with MATLAB
    Mathworks: Introduction to Deep Learning: What Are Convolutional Neural Networks?
    Mathworks: Introduction to Deep Learning: Introduction to Deep Learning: Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning
    Mathworks: MATLAB Digest (emails)
    08feb17: Deep Learning with MATLAB: Transfer Learning in 10 Lines of MATLAB Code
    12apr17: Deep Learning with MATLAB: Training a Neural Network from Scratch with MATLAB
    12apr17: Deep Learning with MATLAB: Transfer Learning with Neural Networks in MATLAB
    12apr17: Deep Learning with MATLAB: Using Feature Extraction with Neural Networks in MATLAB
    Mathworks 09may17: Deep Learning: New Tools for Algorithm Design and Validation
    Mathworks 21may17: What Is Machine Learning? 3 things you need to know
    Mathworks 21jun17: Free Signal Processing Toolbox Trial
    Mathworks 26jul18: Demystifying Deep Learning: Semantic Segmentation and Deployment
    Matlab 09aug18: MATLAB Courses
    - Deep Learning Onramp - 2 hour free interactive on image recognition
    09aug18: What’s New in MATLAB for Deep Learning?
    16aug18: MATLAB for Deep Learning - try it in your browser
    16aug18: Machine Learning in MATLAB (Documentation)
    01may18: Deep Learning Accelerates Product Development
    27sep18: Machine Learning with MATLAB [eBook]
    Mathworks 00jan19: What Is Machine Learning? [video and links]
    KBnuggets 00jan19: Top 3 Trends in Deep Learning
    Mathworks 00jan19: Test-Drive the Classification Learner App
    Mathworks 00feb19: Analyze and model data using statistics and machine learning
    Mathworks 00apr19: Machine Learning with MATLAB [and see eBook machine-Learning-ebook[1].pdf]
    skimind A.I. Wiki : A Beginner's Guide to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
    00jun19: Machine Learning Challenges: Choosing the Best Classification Model and Avoiding Overfitting
    Chapter 1 00jun19: Choosing the Right Classification Model
    - Chapter 2 00jun19: The Classification Learner App
    - Chapter 3 00jun19: Avoiding Overfitting
    - Chapter 4 00jun19: MATLAB Functions That Check for Overfitting
    - Machine Learning with MATLAB - Quick Start Guide (PDF 1 page)
    Introduction to Deep Learning: What Are Convolutional Neural Networks?
    00Oct19: What Is int8 Quantization and Why Is It Popular for Deep Neural Networks?
    15oct19: When to use Machine Learning or Deep Learning?
    00Nov19: Using MATLAB with Python
    00Nov19: Reinforcement Learning with MATLAB: Understanding Rewards and Policy Structures
    00nov19: Reinforcement Learning with MATLAB [- ebook]
    15jan20: Deep Learning with Raspberry Pi and MATLAB
    07apr20: Learning in the time of Coronavirus [many links]
    11jun20: Speeding Up Data Preprocessing for Machine Learning [ebook, links to 3 chapters]
    00jun20: Machine Learning Onramp [links to 5 sessions]
    00jun20: This free, two-hour tutorial provides an interactive introduction to practical machine learning methods for classification problems.
    00jun20: Choosing the Best Machine Learning Classification Model and Avoiding Overfitting
    Mathworks 00aug20: Machine Learning Questions Asked and Answered
    Mathworks 00dec20: Deep Learning and Traditional Machine Learning: Choosing the Right Approach
    Mathworks 00jan21: Machine Learning and Deep Learning Q&A
    Mathworks 00feb21: Deep Learning Webinars 2020
    .NET Blog 12sep18: Announcing ‘Machine Learning .NET’ 0.5
  pandas; and see Classification Threshold
    data school 10may16: Easier data analysis in Python with pandas (video series)
    data school 23may18: Best practices with pandas (video series)
    The Register 11nov17: Secret HPE AI chip, TensorFlow updates, neural networks writing themselves – and more
    - TensorFlow: Getting Started With TensorFlow
    The Register 20oct18: A DeepMind library to help build reinforcement learning bots
    TRFL a library built on top of TensorFlow
    DeepMind: Open sourcing TRFL: a library of reinforcement learning building blocks
    Dev Class 27feb19: TensorFlow 1.13.1 surges forward with Python 3.7 support and enhanced core
    M 06mar19: Introducing TensorFlow Privacy: Learning with Differential Privacy for Training Data
    - M 06mar19: Setting up TensorFlow Privacy
    DeepMind 07mar19: TF-Replicator: Distributed Machine Learning for Researchers
Classification Threshold
  data school 19nov14: ROC curves and Area Under the Curve explained
    BBC 15jun18: Can we trust AI if we don't know how it works?
    OpenAI 06mar19: Introducing Activation Atlases
    - Distill 06mar19: Exploring Neural Networks with Activation Atlases
    - Distill 07nov17: Feature Visualization - How neural networks build up their understanding of images
    - - Distill : Feature Visualization - Appendix
    Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford 19apr14: Deep Inside Convolutional Networks: Visualising Image Classification Models and Saliency Maps
    (CVPR ’15),IEEE 02apr15: Deep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled: High Confidence Predictions for Unrecognizable Images
    Google AI Blog 17jun15: Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks
    12apr17: Plug & Play Generative Networks: Conditional Iterative Generation of Images in Latent Space
    Distill 06mar18: The Building Blocks of Interpretability
    Stanford : t-SNE visualization of CNN codes
    Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge 2014 (ILSVRC2014) - Results
    BBC 24nov19: Google tackles the black box problem with Explainable AI
    The Register 07mar20: What would machine learning look like if you mixed in DevOps? Wonder no more, we lift the lid on MLOps
    The Register 25mar20: 6 Python Libraries to Interpret Machine Learning Models and Build Trust
    The Register 20apr20: Who knows the secret of the black magic box? Boffins seek the secrets of AI learning by mapping digital neurons
    Microscope 00apr20: About OpenAI Microscope
    distill 00apr20: Zoom In: An Introduction to Circuits
    distill 00apr20: tensorflow/lucid [lucid library - infrastructure and tools for neural network interpretability.]
    The Register 11jun20: Seldon releases Alibi Explain 0.5.0 [Cannot refuse cookies]
    The Register 16jun20: - Can’t see the forest for the trees? Alibi Explain adds more models for better machine learning understanding
Uses   Text Analysis   Reviews Analysis   Translation   Negotiating   Recommending   Customer Service   Vision   Pictures   Military   Coding   Corruption   Health   Identification   Games   Simulation   Cars   Robotics
  The Register 02jan17: ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was 2016's fake news
  The Register 05sep18: I've seen the future of consumer AI, and it doesn't have one
  The Register 06nov18: Fight AI with AI! Code taught to finger naughty deepfake vids made by machine-learning algos
  BBC 19nov18: Instagram targets fake likes and comments
  Cognitive Scale: What is Augmented Intelligence?
  BBC 14apr17: Artificial intelligence: How to avoid racist algorithms
  Al Jazeera 24feb20: Dataland: The evolution of artificial intelligence and big data
  The Register 16mar20: TensorFlow gets its quantum of solace, lid lifted on 'all-seeing crime-detecting' AI upstart, and more
  CTS 00apr20: Connected Technology Solutions magazine [see mar/apr edition page 36]
  Text Analysis
    Mathworks: Text Analytics Toolbox
    - Three 20jul18: Deep Learning in Action – part 2 [Sentiment Analysis]
    YouTube 15sep15: The Zipf Mystery
    Wikipedia: Word2vec
    AI Research 11sep18: Rosetta: Understanding text in images and videos with machine learning
    Mathworks 00oct18: Technical Articles and Newsletters: Text Analytics [Twitter +ive/-ive classification]
    The Register 21nov18: Talk in Trump's tweets tells whether tale is true: Code can mostly spot Prez lies from wording
    TIBCO 00jan19: Text Similarity Analyzer
    Mathworks 00apr19: Machine Learning with Text: Get Started with Text Analytics in MATLAB
    BBC 15oct19: Microsoft seeks to clean up Xbox game chat with AI
    google 26oct19:
    google 16oct20: How AI is powering a more helpful Google
    how-to geek 16oct20: Google Search’s New AI Understands Your Sloppiest Tpyos and Misspellings
  Reviews Analysis; and see Articles: Business/Selling; Articles: Business/Selling/Reviews
    Dummies: Using Machine Learning to Analyze Reviews from E-Commerce
    LiveMint 09jun17: How Google translations are getting more natural
    The Register 24oct18: Linguists, update your resumes because Baidu thinks it has cracked fast AI translation
    AI Research 31aug18: Unsupervised machine translation: A novel approach to provide fast, accurate translations for more languages
    how-to geek 13dec19: Google Assistant on Phones Gets Interpreter Mode, Like Google Translate on Steroids
    TheNextWeb 20jun17: Facebook’s AI accidentally created its own language
    - Facebook AI Research: Deal or No Deal? End-to-End Learning for Negotiation Dialogues
    It's Foss 11apr19: How Netflix Deploys Open Source AI to Reveal Your Favorites
  BBC 31may19: Dating app scammers spotted by AI
  Al Jzazeera 19nov19: Can We Identify Loyalty Fraud with the Use of Machine Learning?
  Customer Service
    The Register 12jul18: Salesforce ‘Einstein’ now smart enough for customer service
    Intel OpenVINO Toolkit: Develop Multiplatform Computer Vision Solutions
    Matlab 22jun18: Deep Learning in Action – part 1 [Pictionary]
    Matlab 21aug18: Deep Learning in Action – part 3 [Sign Language]
    AWS 00nov18: Amazon Rekognition: Easily add intelligent image and video analysis to your applications
    AWS 00dec18: Computer Vision Services for AI
    Mathworks 00may19: Get Started with Image Processing and Computer Vision
    BBC 22nov19: Artificial eyes: How robots will see in the future
    The Register 01oct18: I like BigGANs but their pics do lie, you other AIs can't deny
    Matlab Answers 13dec15: How to extract an object from an image
    The Register 23jul18: Engineers, coders – it's down to you to prevent AI being weaponised
    The Register 08sep18: US military chucks $2bn at AI
    The Register 15may19: Quit worrying about killer robots, they are coming whether you like it or no 10may19: - Integrating Artificial Intelligence
    - local copy
    The Register 29aug18: No need to code your webpage yourself, says Microsoft – draw it and our AI will do the rest
    BBC 08sep18: Parkinson's diagnosis set to be sped up by Tencent's AI
    BBC 28jun19: AI needs more health data if it's to help cure the world
    MedicalXpress 06nov18: Artificial intelligence predicts Alzheimer's years before diagnosis
    BBC 06dec19: Artificial intelligence apps, Parkinson’s and me
    BBC 01jan20: AI 'outperforms' doctors diagnosing breast cancer
    The Register 14jan20: AI of the needle: Here's how neural networks could detect nighttime low blood-sugar levels using your heart beat
    The Register 06mar20: AI-predicted protein structures could unlock vaccine for Wuhan coronavirus... if correct... after clinical trials
    The Register 23oct20: IBM builds AI that correctly predicts onset of Alzheimer’s 71% of the time, better than standard clinical tests
    The Next Platform 28jan21: Pharma Giant Roche Partners for Quantum Drug Discovery
    BBC 12may17: 'You can tell by the way I use my walk...'
    The Register 22jul20: Sick of AI engines scraping your pics for facial recognition? Here's a way to Fawkes them right up
    - code for above pdf.
    The Register 25nov19: DeepMind gets good at games (and choosing them) – plus more bits and bytes from the world of machine learning
    The Register 28jun19: That this AI can simulate universes in 30ms is not the scary part. It's that its creators don't know why it works so well
    - Simons Foundation 26jun19: The First AI Simulation of the Universe Is Fast and Accurate — and Even Its Creators Don’t Know How It Works
    - PNAS 24jun19: Learning to predict the cosmological structure formation
    The Register 24apr20: Register lecture: Teaching self-driving cars how to be more human
    how-to geek -01aug20: Loihi Artificial Skin Detects Touch 1,000 Times Faster Than the Human Nervous System
Marketplace 15oct17: Growing the artificial intelligence industry in the UK
  experfy 00may19: jobs, projects
  The Register 21jan19: Just forget what Gartner said about AI in June 'cos CIOs are all over it now apparently
  The Register 05mar19: Two in five 'AI startups' essentially have no AI, mega-survey of nearly 3,000 upstarts finds
  The Register 21jun19: Big names hurl millions of pounds at scheme to hoist UK's AI knowhow
  The Register 04jul19: How to get into Tech Nation's growth programme for UK artificial intelligence
  The Register 07sep20: DEBATE - Artificial intelligence in the enterprise is just yesterday's dumb algorithms rebranded as AI
  BBC 09nov20: How artificial intelligence may be making you buy things
  New Scientist
    04apr20 p14: Mind-reading AI turns thoughts into words using a brain implant
Sunday Express 29dec19: Police and government agencies would have to publicly declare when they are using artificial intelligence to fight crime, under proposals to safeguard the civil liberties of members of the public.
Lord Evans of Weardale, a former head of MI5, who is overseeing an official review of the use of AI in the public sector, said it as 'troubling' that little was known about the increased use of AI by the authorities, who are deploying automated software to recognise face and decide whether suspects should be bailed.
Last week it emerged that the emergency services could in the future remotely deploy drones to monitor accidents or crime scenes. Responding to fears that the use of AI could infringe the civil liberties of members of the public, Lord Evens said it was currently 'very difficult' to find out whose automated systems were being used by authorities.
In an interview with The Sunday Express, Who chairs Whitehall's committee on standards in public life, said the use of AI by public bodies should be 'visible and declared' where it could impinge on civil liberties.
The backbench peer, who was director general of MI5 until 2013, also called for the introduction of a set of guidance" on the use of AI.
He warned that the current automated systems, which help authorities to make decisions affecting members of the public, can contain inadvertent prejudices against particular groups.
Lord Evan's committee has been carrying out a review of the issue since March, and is due to submit its final report to Boris Johnson in February.
In a letter to Lord Evans, dated ????, the prime minister said he "completely agreed" that "we need to ensure standards are upheld as AI technology is increasingly used and procured across the public sector". He said he looked forward to reading their findings.
Speaking as the committee finalised their review, Lord Evans said AI had the potential to spark "better informed business judgments" across the public sector. "If you get it right, and it's done intelligently, there is certainly potential benefit, because decision making is probably not wholly rational and objective," he said.
"If you get the systems in place, you might actually be in a better position to demonstrate why what's being done is [more] fair, objective and so on, than it is with just humans working on their own."
And he added: " It was very difficult to find out where AI is being used in the public sector. And it shouldn't, in our view, be as difficult as that … We haven't got a very good view as to where this is being used and done. I think that's a little bit troubling."
Lord Evans continued, " I think there should be some arrangement whereby any public authority or agency which is seeking this ought to be proactively open about that.
"Not because there's a problem, because probably 90 per cent of the times there won't be a problem.
But if you are wanting proper scrutiny and accountability for it, these people have got to know where it is being used. At the very minimum, it should be visible, and declared, where it has
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