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General Computing Course
In the lesson plans that follow, black text is usually the words spoken by the tutor,
and red text is action done by the tutor and/or the student.

General Computing: how to set up and use a computer system.
Learn how to connect the hardware together and to the Internet,
build a website, and use Word Processing and Spreadsheet programs.
Computers are Switches (Introduction)
Basic Hardware (3 hours)
Operation and Internet Use (6 hours)
- Connect to the Internet
Set up a Web Site (6 hours)
    First Web Page
    More Tags, Jumps, Tag List
eMail (4 hours)
    Hotmail - a free email accouunt
    Malware and Scams, Winware.
    Malware and Scams, Winware.
Spreadsheets (5 hours)
    (3 hours):
    Adding columns of numbers with Google,
    calculator in statistics mode, Excel
    and Lotus. Formulas. Charts.
    Part 2: (2 hours)
    Using conditional statements in formulae.
    Write a sequence of operations as a macro.
    Use the spreadsheet as a database.
Word Processing (6 hours)
    (2 hours):
    Microsoft Word, Lotus Symphony (free download).
    Font, size, colour. Bold, underline, italic.
    Symbols, extended characters. Cut and Paste.
    Inserting pictures, wrapping text.
    (2 hours):
    Microsoft Word and Lotus Symphony:
    Bullet points and numbering, Paragraph boundaries,
    More Copy and Paste, Margins, Tables.
    (2 hours):
    Microsoft Word and Lotus Symphony:
    Markup, Spelling and Grammar Check,
    CV: layout, what to put in and leave out,
    covering letter, tailoring.
    Where to send it, CV on the web.